Thai Yoga Massage

Mindful touch, soft pressure and gentle, dynamic stretches are applied on the body as it is danced through different yoga poses. As your physical body relaxes under the mother-like touch and smooth movements, the dance is led by your body's energy lines to open your mental-emotional bodies to their full self-healing potential.


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Chi Nei Tsang

A taoist practice, literally Chi means energy and Nei Tsang, internal organs, as this therapy focuses on the abdomen and its acupressure point. In Eastern medicine disease is an outcome of 'Chi' or 'prana' blockages and in this sense Chi Nei Tsang is a detoxifying and energizing massage that can release tension, worries and bring awareness and healing to your system. Food is not only the food we eat but also the emotions and lifestyle we nourish, the aim of a Chi Nei Tsang cycle of sessions is to become more connected with this beautiful part of our physical body in order to make better choices.

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Cranio Sacral Therapy

A soothing non-invasive therapy which aims to create an open heart, a clear mind and a free body. Using a gentle touch, it helps to reconnect to your more profound inner rhythm, where you feel at home, in tune with yourself. Connecting to this inner ‚wave‘ helps to release deeper tensions in the body, bringing back a sense of flow. Relieving blocked energy, pain and dysfunction, it can help to initiate a process of self-healing. Craniosacral work helps very well with headaches, migraine, tensions in shoulder and neck, and jaw disorders. It is also a wonderful way to treat burnout, sleeping problems and feelings of disconnectedness. 

A treatment lasts 90 min. and happens mostly in stillness. 

Contact Barbara von Freytag

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Massage Ayurvédique aux huiles

Massage des tissus profonds, aux huiles chaudes, selon les principes de l’Ayurveda.Ce soin nous plonge dans un état de relaxation profonde tout en nous aidant à rétablir notre équilibre interne. Des mouvements de massages fluides suivent les méridiens du corps – Nadis- ainsi que les points d’acupression – Marmas- afin de relancer les différentes circulations de notre organisme et de nous ré-énergétiser.

Par un toucher conscient, la thérapeute dénoue les tensions des différentes couches musculaires et myo-fasciales. L’attention est également portée à l’abdomen où réside notre trésor digestif et énergie vitale.

Les spécificités naturelles de chacun sont respectées en fonction du principe des Doshas – éléments ether, air, vent, feu et terre -.

Le massage ayurvédique proposé est un soin particulièrement unifiant et englobant.

L’esprit se relie au corps, et le corps à l’esprit.


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