Shanti Home & deconfinement measures

Cet été certains cours reprennent à Shanti Home. Merci de consulter la page workshop pour plus d'informations.

In the meantime, Shanti Home created a Youtube Channel and we are recording material to support you as best we can in your practice.

Knowing that these online teachings are offered to you from our hearts, we invite you to read how you can support us too if you are able to, through Donation*

If you wish to continue your practice through online live classes please go to our page Workshops to find which teachers are offering online classes!


*About Donation

Our ASBL- non profit association - holds the vision of on a economic model that allows teachers to make a living out of their love and vocation. 

Our ASBL is totally dependent on the space occupancy and teachers rent.

The current situation doesn't allow teachers to teach in the space nor does it allow our asbl to get the minimum financial revenues to cover its basic expenses such as rent, heating, electricity, insurance .

While we will negotiate on the above and we we are actively looking to find resources to maintain the viability of the space we need your support to keep Shanti Home Asbl alive and thriving.

We invite you, if you care to, to donate any amount that feels right to you. We thank you in advance for this more than ever needed support and your generosity.

Donation can be transferred on Shanti Home ASBL ING bank account  BE34 3631 1769 5190 with the communication "DONATION".

Wishing you all and your dear ones to be safe and well, Namaste,

Shanti Team

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