Namaste dear Yoga students! 

For the moment, some of our lessons are going on online ; others are cancelled. Check our Online Schedule just at the right side of the screen. You can click on the name of the teacher to have more information. 

In the meantime, you can also practice with our videos on our Youtube channel !

Wishing you a soft and safe time! 

Shanti Home team 

Online Schedule November


* 10h-11h Yoga with Giorgia 

* 19h Yoga with Christine 

* 19h-20h15h Yoga with Matilde 


* 10h30-12h Baby Massage & Postnatal Self Care Mama with Sophie 

* 18h-19h15 Yoga with Matilde 

* 18h30-20h  Hatha Yoga with Sandrine

* 19h-20h15 Hatha Yoga Alignment with Foteini 

* 19h Kundalini Yoga with Hélène

* 20h15: Meditation ou Yoga Nidra with Sandrine 


* 10h-11h Yoga with Giorgia

* 10h Kundalini Yoga with Hélène

* 18h15-19h45 Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy with Sophie 

* 19h-20h15 Yoga with Matilde 


* 10h Kundalini Yoga with Hélène

* 12h30-13h30 Yoga Flow with Mélody

* 12h30-13h45  Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy with Sophie 

* 19h Kundalini Yoga with Hélène


* 10h-11h Yoga with Giorgia

* 11h30-12h45 Hatha Yoga with Sandrine


* 10h15-11h45 Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy with Sophie 

* 12h15-13h30 Yoga with Daad 

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